“But I am real. I am here. And nothing can push me aside,” says an ominous voice at the beginning Zé Taylor’s “Icy Boy,” out today (Feb. 26). “Nothing can change what goes on in this world; this world is for me too, honey. Everything you do in life is like a boomerang: when you throw it: it eventually comes back. Don’t f–k with me.”

Fans the queer classic Paris Is Burning may recognize the clip: “Octa St. Laurent is voiced at the beginning this video,” explains the 22-year-old DIY-rapper. “In this clip, she is speaking about how LGBT folk proudly exist and we are here to stay. That was the theme this video.”

Though Taylor admitted he wished he had voguing talents, he added, “this is my way paying tribute to that dance.” Taylor also pays tribute to Prince and Outkast through his wardrobe in the video: “Both are incredibly amazing. I styled myself according to how they make me feel when I listen to their music.”

“Icy Boy” is Taylor’s take on Saweetie’s “Icy Girl,” both which borrow the instrumental from Khia’s infamous bedroom jam “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).” The track is the first release from his upcoming mixtape, The Gay Agenda, out mid-March.

“Fans can expect an all new Zé Taylor,” the Atlanta-born and raised artist hints. “People who were following from the beginning have seen a very chill side me. This mixtape will give them a look into my wild side.”

“It’s going to make my fans feel unapologetically gay as hell!” he adds. Taylor will follow up his mixtape with another project this summer.

Check out Zé Taylor’s video for “Icy Boy” below.