Yungblud is about to be an author again.

After penning his debut graphic novel The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club alongside Ryan O’Sullivan last year, the English rockstar returns with the sequel titled The Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club 2: Weird Times at Quarry Banks University. He announced Weird Times at Quarry Banks University is available for pre-order while closing The Yungblud Show on YouTube today (June 25).

“I wanted to start writing comics because I wanted to give my fans a genuine, physical world to fall into like I did,” Yungblud said in a press statement. “[With the book] I wanted to amplify the idea that if you feel like you’re in a place where you don’t feel accepted, then come inside this world because here we love you for exactly who you are and we always will.”

His first book focused on the adventures of Yungblud and his super-powered Ritalin Club friends at Blackheart’s Boarding School, but the follow-up doesn’t just elevate who they’ve become from high school kids to college students attending Quarry Bank University: Their challenges, and the drug- and sex-rampant environment, get kicked up a notch higher. According to the book’s description, “a new foe with a familiar face arrives from the Manga Dimension” and “the Ritalin Club find themselves caught in a trip that may cost them their very lives.”

Only 1,300 special copies of Weird Times at Quarry Banks University are available for pre-order on Z2 Comics’ webstore, and the discounted standard edition costs $17.99 for the first week until July 2. The $99.99 deluxe edition comes with the hardcover book, a Yungblud-autographed slipcase, an exclusive album (details to be announced at a later date), and three limited-edition art prints.

“With my music and comics I always want to be disruptive, it’s important to me. If the art doesn’t challenge you, it’s not gonna change you,” Yungblud said in the statement.