We’re used to seeing the alumni RuPaul’s Drag Race impersonating celebrities — either in Snatch Game, or simply getting up on stage in a sick outfit and lip syncing a number from whichever diva they’ve decided to embody.

Naomi Smalls decided to take this tradition a step further. Dressed in her best “Bodak Yellow” couture, the legendary drag queen met up with and interviewed hip-hop sensation Cardi B during her Cosmopolitan cover photo shoot.  

The two talked about the rapper’s life in high school, especially what it was like being a girl that hung out with mostly boys. “I was] the girl that chilled with the boys, and the boys liked me because I was so freaking funny,” the rapper explained. Smalls added, “Girls always hate on that. If you get along with all the boys, girls always want to tear that down.”

When Smalls asked Cardi about how she knew her career was gaining steam, the rapper said it was when she started getting more respect from her peers in the industry. “When I asked them if they want to collab with me, they’d say yes,” she said.

Watch the full interview below: