John Mayer is not immune to getting a bit emotional around the holidays. Sure, he's lived his life's dream by touring as part of the Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company for the past two years and he's got that sweet ranch out in Montana. But like so many of us, he's found himself sleeping on a fold-out couch at his childhood home during Christmas at some point, up late at night in a town that closes early, with just the random gear in his overnight bag to keep him warm.

But there's a cure for all that that can be found in a ubiquitous item that Mayer has turned into the subject of the next great Christmas classic: "CVS Bag." "I wrote a song about the trustiest of companions while staying at someone else's house for the holidays. Please enjoy 'CVS Bag,' as performed last night on @currentmood. Happy Holidays!" Mayer wrote next to a video of the song on Instagram on Monday (Dec. 23), referring to his year-old IG talk show.

"I wrote this song myself, and it's about something we all encounter during the holidays," says Mayer in the video. "So when you go home for the holidays and you're staying at your family's house… You're a guest, there's not much you can do," he explains over a programmed keyboard groove before breaking into his signature croon.

"Stayin' with family for the holidays/ I'm a guest in the house again/ It's a real small town and it's known to shut down/ At like 8 or 9 p.m./ Oooh, I fell asleep too early/ I woke up at midnight, I was hungry/ It was alright, you were there… CVS bagggggg on the table/ CVS bag, you're all that I have? CVS, mostly snacks and a charger cable." The singer holds up said plastic pharmacy bag to the laughs of the crew in the room.

He, then, of course, empties the totally random contents of the sack. Check out "CVS Bag" below to find out what's in the bag.