Los Angeles, CA – KSI knows a thing or two about bad timing. During a conversation with GroovyTracks, KSI admitted that Waka Flocka Flame flew out to England to record a verse on his track “Jump Around,” but he was in a different country!

The British star revealed how he initially became connected with the Atlanta native.

“Sway [KSI’s friend] knew one of the managers of Waka Flocka and he sent the track to him. Waka Flocka was nuts over it and he was like, ‘Yeah, I want to spit a verse on this.’ He came to England to spit it and I don’t know where I was,” he said while laughing.

KSI admitted, “I really wanted to meet him in England, but I think I was in a different country or something.”

Although the two didn’t link up in the studio that day, they did collaborate for the video, which released in October of 2016.

“We linked up in America to do the video,” he said.

Check out the entire interview clip above.