Earlier this week, Vince Staples launched a GoFundMe campaign to challenge his detractors to either “get f my dick, or fund my lifestyle.” To coincide with his fundraiser, which has amassed a little over $1,000 (at the time publishing), Staples is planning to drop a new song at midnight (March 8) aptly titled “Get the F–k Off My D–k” aimed directly at his haters. 

“I’ve seen distaste for my campaign from all over the world…. luckily we do accept most forms currency,” he quipped while responding to fans on Twitter early Thursday morning (March 8). “In the meantime lll just leave this here.” Staples posted a photo a condom with the words “Vince Staples Get the Fuck Off My Dick” printed all over. The warning sign on Staples' single cover says the product will cause “allergic reactions.”

The Long Beach native celebrated hitting $1,000 by searching for puppies, one the purchases he said he'll make if he reaches his $2 million goal, along with buying a Honda, a “Year supply soups for the homies locked down” and relocating to Palmdale, CA. He fered his detractors the option “funding his lifestyle” so he won't have to make songs using “robot video game beats.”

The clever marketing strategy could lead up to a new album from Staples, who released his sophomore album Big Fish Theory last June. 

Check out the tweet below.