4-IZE and Señor Kaos, two fixtures of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, have teamed up as Ultra Beast. The duo has released a new album, United, featuring production by Don Cannon, Da Beatminerz, E. Jones, Illastrate, D.R.U.G.S Beats and Spitzwell.

“Ultra Beast is about me and 4-IZE channeling our talents and resources to become twice as impactful,” Kaos tells GroovyTracks. “The United LP is all about bringing like-minded lovers of lyricism and soulful beats together.”

He adds, “In a landscape dominated by sex and violence we wanted to shift the narrative and the group/album title is an acronym for our message; Ultra Beast United = U.B.U/You Be You! This is that classic sound: Hip Hop the people have been asking for.”

Check out Ultra Beast’s United stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Ultra Beast (4-IZE & Señor Kaos) Drop 'United' Album

1. Apex Predator f. Headkrack
2. Everywhere f. Alexander Blane
3. Cookies f. Alexander Blane
4. Wind Is High
5. Classic Example Pt. 2
6. Underground Scene
7. Antetokounmpo f. GreatnessisEz, Wordsworth, Punchline & Number 2
8. Back To the Store f. GreatnessisEz & Alexander Blane