On Feb. 1, Travis Scott and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner welcomed their first daughter, Stormi Webster, to the world. While both parents appeared in a sweet video entitled “To Our Daughter,” documenting Kylie’s pregnancy, both have been pretty mum regarding their first few weeks parenting. But in an impromptu interview with TMZ, Scott recently dished about what it’s like to be a first-time dad.

TMZ caught up with Scott on Saturday night (Feb. 17), when he updated the paparazzi on the status his little girl. “How’s the baby?” one reporter asked, to which Scott replied, “She’s beautiful.” Unfortunately, that’s all the “Pick Up the Phone” artist was willing to give up before jumping in a car and fleeing the scene.

According to previous reports, Scott's recent introduction into fatherhood has changed the 25-year-old. The rapper has reportedly been glued to Kylie and Stormi’s side since the birth, and has only left to tend to business obligations and work on his upcoming album, Astro World.

The rapper was recently seen during NBA All-Star Weekend on Feb. 16. He reportedly performed a high-energy set at Rémy Martin’s MVP experience event, alongside French Montana.

Check out Travis Scott’s first comment on his daughter here.

This article was originally published by Vibe.