Top 5 Music Videos Released This November

1- Kash Doll – Ice Me Out

Native Detroit rapper Kash Doll was born Arkeisha Knight in 1992. By her early twenties, Knight channeled her life-long love of hip-hop and performance into focused efforts to begin a Hip-Hop career, leaving behind work as a stripper, adopting the Kash Doll moniker, and booking gigs in the Detroit area in 2014. This month, she released Ice Me Out paired with an original music video where she is surrounded by ice statues. She still manages to raise the temperature to the max.

2- Garretson & Gorodetsky – Insambia

“There is a little chaos within the structure, and a little structure within the chaos” says Gorodetsky of the music. “The trick is, much as it is in life, to find the balance between the two and understanding their mutual interdependence.” G & G’s songs interweave Folk, Samba, Klezmer and Swing into arrangements that sway to Operatic heights. The track was released alongside its beautiful black and white music video, a true gem.

3- Briguel – Red Ropes

Briguel, Aka Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, is an artist couple, mostly famous for singing, dancing, and producing music and visuals. Usually creating artistic acts in the realm of comedy, they come back this time with a very different message. They just released “Red Ropes”, a political track paired with visuals aimed at shocking viewers into realizing the absurdity and violence of the world we live in. Pointing out our collective responsibility in the crisis and challenges we are facing today, Briguel are a great reminder of the necessity to change our human behavior on earth.  A must watch!

4-Alle Farben & Ilira – Fading

Combining styles and musical components that might not fit at first glance, Alle Farben has developed a unique sound that brings even the shyest dancers to move their hips and wiggle their toes. Crossing borders, adapting classics and forming them into his perception of electronic dance music, it’s not just since his epic performance on the first of May 2013 at the former Tempelhof Airport, where he performed in front of 35.000 people enjoying the sunny vibes and beats, that his music’s power of attraction deserves acknowledgment. They deliver a pure cinematic masterpiece for the “Fading” music video.

5- Neko Case – Last Lion Of Albion

Neko Case is an American alternative country singer who is famous for her solo career as well as for her contributions to the New Pornographers’ rock-independent group. She played for many years with her band Neko Case & Her Boyfriends before starting a solo career. While Case herself writes most of her lyrics, she also borrows part of her repertoire from major music figures as diverse as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Hank Williams, The Sparks, Tom Waits and Queen. The visuals are special, as she made sure to recreate her fantastic inner world on screen.