Late Thursday night (March 29), The Weeknd's wild, passionate warble struck millions fans who desperately awaited for his new EP My Dear Melancholy. With ease, the singer reverted back to the sex-crazed, somber crooner who lured listeners in during the early stages his career. 

Drenched with melancholic lyrics throughout, Abel's pen never ran dry once throughout his six-track EP. Imbued with sadness, Abel's newest endeavor will make even the strongest men shed tears, while diving into his project head-on.

Billboard complied nine the saddest lyrics from The Weeknd's latest attempt, which will certainly either make you love, miss, or hate your ex. Check them out below. 

“Call Out My Name”

I said I didn't feel nothing, baby, but I lied
I almost cut a piece myself for your life
Guess I was just another pit stop
Til' you made up your mind

“Wasted Time”

Wasted times I spent with someone else
She wasn't even half you

“I Was Never There”

What makes a grown man wanna cry? 
What makes him wanna take his life?

His happiness is never real
And mindless sex is how he feel

“Call Out My Name”

We found each other
I helped you out a broken place
You gave me comfort
But falling for you was my mistake

“Hurt You”

And now I know relationship's my enemy
So stay away from me
I'm warning you

“I Was Never There”

When no one know what love is
And I know it ain't you for sure
You'd rather something toxic
So, I poison myself again, again
'Til I feel nothing


We said our last goodbyes
So, let's just try to end it with a smile 

“I Was Never There”

I'm on the edge something breaking
I feel my mind is slowly fadin'
If I keep going, I won't make it
If I keep going, I won't make it


They said our love is just a game, I don't care what they say
But I'ma drink the pain away, I'll be back to my old ways