Tom Petty-backed rock band The Shelters dropped the video for their newest single "You're Different" on Thursday (Aug. 15), paying homage to sci-fi cinema of the past. Gritty visuals give a gray cast to the video, which features a green-skinned alien family and a human girl trying to figure out where they — or she — came from.

The Shelters make an appearance as curious pizza boys as the chorus rings out, "There's something different about you." 

"You're Different" prefaces their forthcoming sophomore album, Jupiter Sidecar, due out on Sept. 20. The project will be their first since the Oct. 2017 passing of Petty, who produced their 2016 debut LP, The Shelters, in his home studio. 

“We definitely have something to prove on this record,” lead singer Chase Simpson said in a press release. “Obviously, we want to make Tommy proud. Even more so, we want to step out of his shadow and come into our own. We knew we had to do something exciting and different to carry on being The Shelters.”

Check out the video below.