Can Drake ever drop a song without inspiring a generation creative minds to hop on his train? The dude can barely be seen on the side a basketball court without giving birth to a new meme, and his music video for the smash hit “God's Plan” is more than inspiring on a few different levels.

In true Drake fashion, “God's Plan” reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 almost immediately. Now, the internet is flooded with covers and remixes the tune in all kinds genres and styles. Whether you're looking for a more romantic vibe or something with energy, maybe something with acoustic guitar or beefed-up drums, this list the best five covers and remixes Drake's “God's Plan” has a cool rendition for you.

Drake – “God's Plan” (William Singe Cover)

First, he hits you with the rumbling bass. Then, he strikes your heart with the acoustic guitar and the silky-smooth sultry vocals. He's a dreaded Justin on the mic, either Bieber or Timberlake. Whatever you prefer. This William Singe, who sang with Jonas Blue on “Mama,” brings a kind old-school, late-aughts R&B vibe to his cover Drake's “God's Plan,” almost like marrying Drake's early days with his latest jam, and damn. Check out the candles. He knows how to set a mood.

Drake – “God's Plan” (LMK Cover)

This one goes out to all the boss ladies in the building. LMK comes correct with a high-quality music video all her own. She freestyles over the original beat, and would you check that out! She's singing in French. She's got a killer flow, lots character, and she makes it look so easy. You're gonna have a girl crush on this one.

Drake – “God's Plan” (Kid Travis Cover with Cam Fattore)

Kid Travis is the dude with the braids going in on the instrumental, and he's also the dude who first hops on the mic. He's got a whole hell a lot soul and it comes through strong. He's joined on the mic by his buddy and frequent collaborator Cam Fattore. It's a cool almost Latin-influenced take on the hit, definitely a bedroom version to keep you warm through cold nights.

Drake – “God’s Plan” (Sevnth & Alo Remix)

A little chill trap is exactly what “God's Plan” ordered, and this remix from Sevnth and Alo puts the vibe down perfectly. Sevnth brings a certain colorful luminescence to the beat, and Alo is perfectly coy and cool on top its energy. It's a real hip take on the familiar anthem, and would definitely fit well into a set where you're looking to make a fun impression.

Drake – “God's Plan” (Macy Kate Cover)

Okay, all the covers Drake's “God's Plan” on our list, this might be the most sultry. It hits you right away with the drums, then it switches it up on you with the acoustic guitar, and Macy Kate comes in real whispery, but it's a front. She's gonna get gritty and saucy in your face before it's all over.