Everyone appreciates a good love story, and the story R&B queen Teyana Taylor and her NBA star husband Iman Shumpert has been an aspiration for couples for quite a while.

The couple's Instagram is chock full “relationship goals” moments — and we’ve taken the time to compile the 12 cutest moments between the power couple. From Christmas, to Valentines Day, to Man Crush Mondays, check out all the great moments below, and if you want more, be sure to check out the premiere their new show Teyana and Iman tonight on VH1.

Of course when discussing Teyana and Iman’s love, it’s hard not to cite their proposal photo. “Before your love baby I was muddy, so deep with pain till you took it from me,” Teyana wrote her new husband, quoting Monica's R&B hit “Love All Over Me.” With a beautiful ring to match, this photo touches all our hearts.

The couple's hilariously cute Christmas photo from 2016 shows how lighthearted they can be, and how they’re each others best friends.

This legendary Valentines Day photo from 2017 took the Internet by storm. Teyana’s gaze, the explicit caption, all the features this photo paint a portrait a couple deeply in love. Not to mention “#HeCallsMeTheSoulSnatcher” began trending on Twitter.

Two days after Valentine's day, the couple posted another elegant photo, this time with baby Junie in the photo hilariously driving her toy car. “Love and marriage…go together like a horse and carriage,” Teyana captioned the moment.

“A year ago today we became one in our biker jackets,” Teyana wrote on her one-year wedding anniversary. In the picture, Teyana and Iman can be seen dying laughter, and made us all wish we were in on the joke.

During a night partying, Teyana and her hubby can be seen cuddling up and having a good time. “If the angels took me from this earth, I would tell them bring me back to you,” the caption reads, this time quoting Michael Jackson. 

In a #JustBecause post, Teyana decided to show f her love for Iman. In the photo, Teyana is laughing so hard she seems almost out breath, while Iman remains calm and collected looking at his beautiful wife.

In a Thanksgiving post, Iman is gently caressing Teyana’s face, entrancing the singer to a point where it seems like she might lift f the ground. That’s true love, folks.

For Fathers Day last year, Teyana took to Insta to share an adorable photo Iman and their baby Junie. The caption reads “Life in abundance comes only through great love, happy papa day my love. You da best with ya fine ass.”

For Valentine's Day this year, Teyana took to Instagram to post a lavish picture the couple showing f their wealth, and more importantly their passionate love for each other. “We love because it’s the only true adventure,” Teyana writes.

In promotion for their new show, Iman sat down with VH1 and told the great story how the couple met and fell in love, and it’s a story that totally sums up their passion for each other in a way pictures can't show.

And course, let us not forget the steamy video for Kanye West's “Fade”