Almost a year after opening the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, multi-platinum rapper and actor T.I. continues to highlight the legacy of trap music. For the first time, the city’s most sought-after exhibition is being brought to Los Angeles for the next three weeks.

Opening its doors with an exclusive launch party on Friday (July 12), Lil Trap House set out to carry out the mission of its predecessor. 

Located in the heart of Hollywood at Delicious Pizza, art and music connoisseurs are able to immerse themselves in one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by influential figures in hip-hop including Cardi B, YG, Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Nicki Minaj and the late Nipsey Hussle. 

No stranger to the art of the hustle, T.I. knew that in bringing the Lil Trap House to the west coast, he’d have to honor the life and work of its frontmen. When speaking about Nipsey Hussle, he stated, “His legacy is of ownership. It’s about taking the initiative, starting from the bottom and making your own table to sit at.” 

The launch was hosted by digital maven, Karen Civil, who also donated custom artwork from her personal collection to the exhibit. “It’s very nostalgic,” she explained, “but a great feeling to be able to include personal pieces for YG and especially Nipsey for the fans to enjoy.”

As Lil Trap House’s curator, the admiration T.I. has for his peers is awe-inspiring. The dedication they’ve had within an art form that has brought about tremendous success is displayed in the purest of ways. Founded in September 2018, the Trap Music Museum and escape room have dominated Atlanta as one of its most popular tourist attractions. With over 6,000 guests each weekend, the museum continues to emphasize the influence trap music has had on the music industry and culture. By honoring influential trap stars, the Trap Music Museum provides an added inspiration to its attendees. 

Open to the public beginning July 13, trap music fans are able to secure tickets to the pop-up exhibition through the DICE app through July 28.