On Friday (Feb. 23), critically acclaimed lyricist Stalley dropped a video for “Holy Quran” from his just-released EP, Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil Vol. 2.

The Ohio rapper takes a trip to the mountains to reflect on his life and living in a world misguided by social media.

“Why my people dyin' on Vine, swear that Facebook live/ Desensitized by murder, murder, bloody murder/ Likes and retweets don't help in hands, just all observers,” he rhymes.

He travels through snow-filled pathways and fields, finding relief and support in his Quran, praying for his future.

In the last two years, Stalley has dropped two albums: New Wave and Another Level and an EP, Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil Vol. 1.

Check out the “Holy Quran” video below: