As Solo: A Star Wars Story slowly crawls its way to its March 25 debut, waiting on trailers for the film just isn't enough for fans anymore. After getting their first glimpse the movie just a few weeks ago during the Super Bowl, super fans are gobbling up any glimpses the film they can find, even bootleg ones mashed-up by crafty hip-hop fans.

We already saw Donald Glover's character Lando Calrissian get a hip-hop tinged theme song, and now one user has set the movie's trailer to The Beastie Boys' “Sabotage” and, to be honest, it's kind perfect.

Created by Chris Galegar  the War Starts at Midnight podcast the trailer gets some added flare with addition the high-energy Beasties tune, which works really well with the clip's high octane pace, explosions and abrupt ending.

The trend setting film trailers to “Sabotage” isn't a new one, as folks have done it before, including remixes an earlier Star Wars saga, Rogue One, and — pretty hilariously — The Jungle Book.

Check it (and previous remixes) out below.