Legendary MC Snoop Dogg took the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (April 9,) and covered just about every topic in the book during a sit-down with the Jimmy Kimmel. Snoop started his chat with the late-night host about his own hosting gig on Jokers Wild, the 1970’s game show reboot that involves contestants answering random questions from a slot machine.

“With my grandmother, I used to watch all the game shows back in the 70’s,” Snoop said. “I wanted to be a contestant first…I have been on a lot game shows and I’ve won on every game show I’ve ever been on.” When asked about his top three favorite game show hosts, Snoop confidently replied with Bob Barker, Richard Dawson and Wayne Martin.

Snoop Dogg recently released his first Gospel album, Snoop Dogg Presents Bible Love, which soared to No.1 on the Top Gospel Albums chart its opening week, and told Kimmel that he was brought up in the Gospel. “I just wanted to make something that represented peace love and happiness.”

In less holy matters, Snoop Dogg then went on to tell Kimmel that the devil exists. “What do you think the devil is like?” Kimmel asked. “President,” Snoop replied with a devilish grin his own.

Before diving into his performance, Snoop also revealed that Willie Nelson (who in his opinion should be on the Mount Rushmore pot smokers) was the only person to outsmoke him. Alongside Charlie Wilson and Sly “Pyper” Jordan, Snoop Dogg gave a passionate and soulful performance his new singles “One More Day” and “Sunrise.”

Check out the interview and performances below.