Minneapolis, MN – Shredders was birthed from the minds of Doomtree brethren Sims, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger and P.O.S, a side project that fit snuggly in between touring and recording albums as a collective.

After making their grand entrance in 2017, the foursome is back with a follow-up to their Dangerous Jump debut titled Great Hits. To commemorate the occasion, they’ve dropped off a taste of the project in the form of “Suburban Base,” a high octane, in-your-face Hip Hop explosion and — as the title subtly suggests — an ode to the drum n’ bass Paper Tiger grew up on as a youngster.

In an interview with GroovyTracks, Sims explained the logic behind the side project and why it made perfect sense to erect Shredders after the all-crew album, 2015’s All Hands, was released.

“Doomtree decided to take a couple years between crew albums for all of us to refocus and pursue our own ambitions,” Sims told DX in July 2017. “I think Shredders fits nicely into that gap. Collaboration is natural to us and is vital in making things feel new. Aside from our solo stuff, all four of us have at least one or two different projects going right now, so doing this project was a refreshing break from all of those.”

As described in a press release, Great Hits was written and recorded in a similar fashion to Dangerous Jumps, and finds the longtime friends gelling in ways only two decades of friendship can create.

Great Hits is expected to arrive on August 30, but in the meantime, pre-orders and Shredders merch are available here. Check out “Suburban Base” above.