Hollywood, CA – Shoreline Mafia recently stopped by the GroovyTracks office for a conversation about their origins, career moves and much more. During the interview, Fenix Flexin and OhGheesy shared their thoughts on rappers being influenced by the work and how the line’s been crossed by some biting their style.

“Some of that shit is too similar,” OhGheesy said. “It’s different being inspired by someone ’cause obviously everyone’s inspired by someone, but y’all just doing too much.”

Fenix added, “It’s a whole ‘nother thing just going and biting. I be like, ‘What the fuck?’ [It’s] that shit ’cause they were doing different types of music two years ago and now all of sudden they wanna do what we doing when we kinda did our own thing.”

The Atlantic Records artists also defended In-N-Out Burger, explained how they’ve settled down from their party days and spoke about their experiences with fatherhood.

Watch DX’s interview with Shoreline Mafia above.