Back in August 2017, French liquor company Luc Belaire launched their Self Made Tastes Better YouTube series, which has quickly garnered the attention hip-hop fans across the globe. Through their first eight episodes, the series has already accumulated over three million views thanks to interviews with industry stars like Post Malone, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Nipsey Hussle and more. On Thursday (April 4), Russ adds his name to that exclusive list for episode No. 9.

The 25-year-old platinum-selling artist sat down with Belaire CEO Brett Berish in his spacious NYC apartment exploring exactly what it means to be self-made. “I love to sit down and have a conversation with like-minded people. I think talking things out is therapeutic. It's very helpful for me to interact and touch people in a different way,” the Atlanta transplant tells Billboard. “I've always been a shit talker. I think it comes from me playing basketball at a young age.”

Russ later detailed his inspiration to become involved with the music business. Citing 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' as a major influence during his childhood, it wasn't until he heard Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as a college freshman at Valdosta State University that he unequivocally discovered his life's purpose. 

“I remember being in my dorm and literally being so amazed by the quality the music that I was literally crying tears joy,” the “What They Want” rapper recalls. “Right there in that moment, I knew I had to do this because I have to achieve this feeling for myself and I know I can do music.”

Check out the latest installment the Self Made Tastes Better series with Russ where he touches on his rise in music, plans for the future, growing as an artist and more below.