Artists from all around the world have taken an active role in increasing awareness of the current political and social situations. Many musicians support medical crews and victims of COVID-19 by raising money, and necessary equipment that can help them get through these uncertain times.

American Greed, legends of classic rock n’ roll went beyond usual charity activities, and released an album and music video, under the same title, ‘Together,’ fully dedicated to supporting those in need due to the coronavirus outbreak. The band sends a simple yet powerful message wishing everyone to stay safe, because soon “WE WILL ALL BE TOGETHER.”

The whole proceeds from streams will be donated to institutions that fight with the virus and help victims of the disease and their families. 

The CD Together was recorded at Young Ave Sound Studio in Memphis, TN, with Michael Mesey on drums, Matt Arana on lead guitar and vocals, Dave Farver on lead vocals, and Bob Guion on bass guitar. The impressive and inspiring 9-tracked collection is a signature of old school rock including well-delivered guitars, bass, drums, and vocal performances on all composed songs. 

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