It’s a known fact that Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee has at least one pet monkey, but according to a new Rolling Stone prile, he actually has two pet monkeys. And two mini pigs. And two dogs.

“I like wildlife. I wanna go in the jungle and see elephants and shit. I’m gonna go to the Amazon. Anyone fucking with wildlife, poaching them, they need to be taken out. They corny for that. Shout out to PETA,” he says to the reporter.

Swae bought his three-month-old pet spider monkey, Lil G, for $20,000. While the brothers were being interviewed, writer Jonah Weiner witnessed members their entourage change the quote “tiny monkey diaper” Lil G wears. Swae happily chatted about his other pets, too, and attributes his interest in these animals to what the author refers to as his “seeming girlfriend Marliesia.”

Justin Bieber also owned a pet Capuchin monkey named OG Mally, who was eventually confiscated in Germany. While Naya is completely absent from the piece, Lil G appears throughout, napping on Swae’s stomach and nestling around his neck while Swae smokes a blunt.

Shout out to PETA, indeed.

This article was originally published by Stereogum.