Black Panther opening weekend has finally arrived and the hype is real. Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa character has already become a worldwide hero, with panther masks popping up everywhere. And it looks like the king Wakanda is penetrating music as well, with a parody video from the folks at Nerdist that has Black Panther taking over Jaden Smith's “Icon” video.

The clip sees Panther miming Smith's lithe movements from the music video, rocking a crisp denim jacket as gold chains hang from his super suit and he fights f a series intruders with ease. T'Challa steps out his sleek black car, taking Jaden's flow and adding a Wakandian twist to it.

“Vibranium is the business / bout to make a movie independent / got a new suit, it's kinetic,” the king raps, hitting a fancy two step and faux moonwalk before switching up the hook to say, “I am just a young king living.” 

This is the second time that Smith's “Icon” video has been parodied. Before the Wakandian remix, Jaden's father Will Smith took the video over, imitating the clip in celebration his son getting 100,000,000 streams.

Check the video out below.