Mumford & Sons are out with a new video for "Woman," a lo-fi visual that features two young contemporary dancers, Stephanie Crousillat and Yeman Brown, as they express subtle signs of affection. The way the two interpret the song is simple and very sweet.

The video was shot in New York by the band's frequent collaborator James Marcus Haney and was choreographed by Kristin Sudeikis. Banjoist/lead guitarist Winston Marshall told Dance Magazine about how dance changed his relationship with music, specifically when he saw Brown improvise to Beyoncé's "Halo" about a year ago. "My heart went into my throat and I was quite literally moved to tears," he said. "It stole my breath away. I didn't know dance could make you feel that way."

Marshall expanded on the meaning of the song to Dance: "It's a little deceptive because the story of the song isn't the woman. It's the love between those two people and that's why the video is clever: It reveals that throughout the song. It's not something that smacks you in the face the first second of the video, it's something you learn."

"Woman" is the third single from Mumford & Sons' latest album, Delta, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

The band is continuing their summer Delta Tour, which makes a stop at Fly DSA Arena in Sheffield, U.K., on Tuesday night (June 4). (See more dates here.)

Watch the touching video for "Woman" below.