Migos was hit with two new lawsuits on Monday that claimed that the Atlanta rap trio was responsible for inciting a riot at a 2015 concert in Albany, New York, The-Alt reports. 

The suit was filed by owners Albany venue The Armory and alleged that concertgoers were “stabbed, robbed, beaten, severely harmed, and injured” as a result the concert brawl. The Armory owners also claimed that the trio “were seen laughing and egging the crowd on” in the midst the chaos. In addition to the riot, the suit alleged that Migos failed to appear at a pre-show meet-and-greet and delayed the show for hours, which caused the crowd to become “agitated.”

TMZ reported on the concert brawl back in 2015 and obtained a video from that night that showed concert attendees throwing objects and a metal gate around. At the time, TMZ reported that six people were left injured. 

“The unwarranted negative media attention and subsequent government actions against the Armory stemming from the event has placed an undue burden upon the Armory’s operations and its ability to attract programming,” a spokesperson for The Armory said in a statement. “Therefore, on the eve the three year anniversary that fateful concert, the Armory is taking this important action to remedy the losses incurred from and arising from that event.”

Billboard has reached out to Migos' reps for comment.