With QC's Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 2 compilation album releasing Aug. 16, the Migos have one final gift before the project's release with the high stakes "Frosted Flakes" video, which finds Quavo and Takeoff as key players in an intricate heist plan. 

The clip stars comedian Mike Epps, who lays out directions for the pair of Migos to successfully rob the guarded piles of money and jewelry. After a final toast, Huncho drops in from the sky and begins to hack the vault. When he's approached by security guards, Takeoff comes to the rescue and kills the adversaries to ensure the plan still runs smooth.

Just when Quavo and Takeoff are about to exit with the victory, they are double-crossed by Epps and the girl who would set them up for their own demise. The duo is held at gun point, as they're stripped of all the riches they just acquired in the ultimate heist twist straight out of Hollywood.

Watch the "Frosted Flakes" video below. Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 2 releases Friday.