After watching his new single “Sleepless” featuring Taylor Bennett garner much positive feedback — the song amassed over 500,000 plays on Spotify — Melo Makes Music opts to unleash the visual for his latest record on Friday (Apr. 6).

Premiering on Billboard, the somber clip finds Melo sulking in an empty house, laying down lifelessly, watching television. Later, we catch the artist walking outside in the snow and working at a supermarket, hoping for a change in his life. “This for the dreamless, this for the speechless/ This for the scene kids oh, planting our seeds/ This for the sleepless,” he painfully belts. 

Later, his rap cohort, Taylor Bennett, chimes in with an indelible verse his own. “You could fool once/ But you fooled me twice though/ Who's loving you? Pretty young thing I know/ I feel like a fool when I call your iPhone,” he spits. “The concept behind the video centers around the idea that as an artist we are superheroes, a theme I aim to keep consistent with my works,” Melo tells Billboard

Check out “Sleepless” below.