Meek Mill is now calling upon the Supreme Court to step in and remove the judge on his case, as his legal team reportedly filed a motion Tuesday (Match 20) requesting Judge Genece Brinkley's removal. 

According to CBS Philly, Mill's legal team cites a possible bias against the rapper and claims that Judge Brinkley has “exceeded the judicial role by sometimes essentially acting as a prosecutor and, at other times, taking an unusual interest in, and trying to inject herself into, Meek Mill’s] personal and pressional life.”

Meek's legal team also claims that Brinkley's personal attorney, Charles Peruto Jr., made comments to the media about Meek's case and allegedly threatened to sue the rapper's legal and management team. 

In February, Peruto joined Judge Brinkley as her attorney and dismissed claims that Brinkley had a personal vendetta against the rapper and punished him with a two to four-year sentence. “It’s a ridiculous and outrageous claim,” Peruto told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “What you have is an organization – extremely wealthy – who wants to attack a sitting judge. … It’s ‘How much money can you throw at a case and make your allegations stick?’ 

Meek Mill has an upcoming hearing set for April 16. Billboard has reached out to Meek Mill's attorney for comment.