Meek Mill will meet with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania on Tuesday (July 16) with hopes of having his 2008 conviction that has hampered his entire adult life overturned. Prior to having his case heard, the Philly native sat down with Gayle King of CBS This Morning for an interview surrounding his work in criminal justice reform, being a better father, and more.

Mill is calling for an overhaul of the entire probation process. He recalls having to check-in with his P.O. just to travel to another county or pick up his son from school. "Some days I think about how I can't just wake up and take my son to Disney World. I've had to ask someone to travel for my whole adult life," he explains. "My son lived in New Jersey, but I lived in Philadelphia, and the bridge is a 15-minute ride. It's just a bridge. I couldn't go get my son from school when I wanted to."

When asked directly what he's teaching his son, Meek quickly replies that he's having him get ready to be the man of the house. "I'm teaching my son about dignity, I'm teaching him about respect, I'm teaching him about being like I was and always being the man of the house."

At 32 years old, Meek is focused on paying it forward and speaking up for those that can't fight for themselves with his REFORM Alliance, which finds Mill teaming up with Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin and Jay-Z. "The work I want to do is actually make a smart probation and parole where you can gain your life back," Meek says.

Watch the full interview below.