“The Difference” is the new release by BriGuel – talented musicians, songwriters, and movie producers based in NYC. The couple is currently engaged in a collaboration with the Holistic Life Foundation (Baltimore). The founder of HLF Andres Gonzalez appears on the track, as a guest and exposes his sick rapping skills. “The Difference” is an outcome of the project that supports the youth of Baltimore to change their perspective through yoga and mindfulness.

On the track, BriGuel as always serve their twisted style, a mix of lifeful Latino rap, sophisticated Indie, creamlike R&B, and entertaining pop. Their sound is exceptional, and one of a kind, so make sure to check out their previous singles (click). The highlight of “The Difference” is Miguel’s rap. His rhymes are on point, and he has one of the quickest flow in the game, just have a listen for yourself: