Lil Nas X unveiled what seems to be the official 7 EP cover last week, but on Sunday (June 2), he gave fans another taste of … art.

"i’ve decided to change the album artwork after being accused of stealing. here is the new one. happy to share it with you guys," he wrote on social media, where he posted a remake of Drake's Take Care album cover, only with a cowboy hat.

In a reply, he quipped that he was inspired by the aesthetic of a certain family restaurant chain. He elaborated: "i was sitting in the corner of a red lobsters and i saw some incredible pieces of art on the wall then decided to just go for it."

On Instagram, Lil Nas X tagged the fan account that actually made the image.

Last week saw the Atlanta native trolling with more album "artwork" suspiciously similar to Drake's Nothing Was the Same cover. But, as he pointed out: "Peep how I'm looking up and drake looking straight ahead. also notice the different hues of blue. they look nothing alike. people be reaching when u at the top."​

The "Old Town Road" star's 7 EP — coming this month — will feature eight tracks, and he's said he hopes to release a video for every song.

Check out the latest from him below.