Lil Dicky shared the hilarious video for his fresh single “Freaky Friday” on Thursday (March 15), which was inspired by the 2003 classic film itself. The track features Chris Brown and LD switching bodies to enjoy a day in the life one another.

Even though Lil Dicky has released music under the alias Brain, it's been a nearly three-year hiatus for the 30-year-old rapper. The visual begins with a skit at a Chinese restaurant, where YouTube star Jimmy Tatro recognizes him, making for an awkward encounter, before Dicky envisions life as someone else.

Dicky then wakes up in Chris Brown's body as he raps about the things he wants to do with his new life over the bouncy DJ Mustard production. “I just FaceTimed Kanye/ I told him I’m his biggest fan, yeah/ Got all these hoes in my DM/ Holy shit, I got a kid / Oh, I can sing so well/ Wonder if I can say the N-word?” he comically rhymes. 

Breezy is happy about the fact that he can stay under the radar moving around as Dicky, but they both end up wanting their lives back when meeting up in the VIP area a nightclub. Before the brilliant video comes to a close, the Pressional Rapper artist enjoys short cameos living as Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and Kendall Jenner.

Speaking to Zane Lowe at Beats 1 on Thursday, Lil Dicky detailed his creative process behind the clever record. “I knew that I had to switch bodies with a really good-looking guy that can sing and dance,” he said. “And then I thought about who that is and like Chris Brown, it's like, you know, no one can dance the way he dances.”

Check out the viral “Freaky Friday” video and Dicky's chat with Beats 1 below.