Dallas, TX has always had a strong impact on the World Rap and Hip-Hop but recently, more the Hip-Hop community has realized their effect.


Recently, during a visit to Dallas, Terrell Thomas sat down with up and coming music artist KyVido. Although KyVido is finding success in the Hip-Hop world, he let it be known that Hip-Hop isn’t his only goal, music as a whole is what he is looking to conquer.


With his sound and movement growing, KyVido broke down his mission as an artist, how he differs from what we hear and see in music and more. KyVido spoke with Terrell Thomas on his upbringing in the music realm and the impact Michael Jackson has had on his creativeness in Music.


Before concluding our interview, KyVido spoke on his upcoming projects, his personal and pressional goals for the year 2018, his love for cartoons and more.


The interview was conducted by Eldorado (Terrell Thomas). The interview was shot by Carolina Blue Films.

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