After spending Sunday (March 11) with baby Stormi, Kylie Jenner decided to spend some time connecting with fans on Twitter in a spur–the-moment Q&A Sunday night. Jenner answered several fan questions over an hour-and-20-minute chat, revealing details from her pregnancy and gushing over Travis Scott's dad skills.

“How's Travis with Stormi?” one fan asked, to which Jenner simply responded, “he's the best.” Though she said no more about her man, Jenner dove into plenty Stormi and pregnancy talk.

When one fan commented about wanting to hear Stormi laugh, Jenner said her 1-month-old hasn't laughed just yet, but “her little toes get me every time.” Other fans were curious about her pregnancy, which Jenner said was a “perfect experience” that involved lots Eggos — despite never liking them before — and much to her dismay, no sushi.

Jenner didn't share any photos Stormi during the Q&A, but both she and Scott have taken to Instagram to share pics their little one. Take a look at some Jenner's tweets below.