Kaalan Walker has been flying under the radar for some time now, but with his new album and a pair movie roles on the horizon, KR is finally ready to emerge from the shadows. On his new single “That's My Word” premiering exclusively today (March 20), the Los Angeles upstart asserts his position as “number one” in the rap game.

KR taps his go-to producer Dinuzzo for “That's My Word,” a catchy, melodic trap song in which the rapper addresses his doubters and anyone “jocking my ocean.” Over a bouncy, eerie beat, KR raps, “I'm the last one standing but I swear I did it first/ I'm the one, I know you heard/ God bless and go to church/ That's my word.”

KR tells Billboard he enjoys being able to “surprise” fans by showcasing his different musical styles.

“The element I focus on as an artist is surprise. I like the fact that no one really knows what to expect from my music,” he says. “I personally feel it creates a continuous excitement factor, and I'm usually very technical in my raps. So with this record, I want to display something fun and catchy for listeners.” 

This year is shaping up to be a major one for Walker, who starred in the Halle Berry and Daniel Craig-featuring film Kings, which will hit theaters on April 27. The “Real Talk” rapper will also join 21 Savage, Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell and more in the Director X-helmed Superfly remake set to hit theaters this June.

Listen to “That's My Word” below.