Andrew Bachelor (better known as King Bach) has announced his debut comedy album Medicineexclusively  Billboard today (Aug. 14).

The visual album, set to be released on Aug. 30, will feature songs encompassing a wide array of genres, from hip-hop to reggae, plus stand-up comedy. 

While the major Internet personality wears several hats — including social media, acting, and YouTube — it makes perfect sense for him to release a comedy album. "All my supporters and I relate to music," he tells Billboard. If you visit his Instagram, which has garnered over 18.3 million followers, you'll see Bachelor always poking fun, creating content and making silly clips. 

Each of the 15 songs will come with a corresponding video co-directed by Bachelor, to be released on the same day as the album. 

Billboard asked King Bach a couple of questions about the forthcoming record as he gears up for the release. Check out our Q&A below, and find the Medicine track list at the very end.

What made you decide to record a comedy album?

I always search for new comedic outlets. Music is universal. All my supporters and even I relate to music. Over the past few years, I experimented with music parodies and people connected with it. This evolved into me making original music over time. 

How did the idea for the visual aspect come about?

I am constantly envisioning stories in my head. Whether they are 6 second stories that I turned into videos on Vine or longer, five-minute sketch videos that I would post on YouTube. I saw the same thing in the music I was making, visual stories. So naturally, I made a visual album. 

How did you choose your collaborators (Poo Bear, King Los)? What was it like working with them?

I met Poo Bear through a mutual friend, and then Justin Bieber vouched for him. We creatively connected and he was a great person, so I knew it was meant for us to work on a project together. King Los is a lyrical genius and an alien. I stole him from Area 51 and put him on the track. 

What do you want fans to take away from the album?

I just want them to laugh and have fun. This is a carefree album that you can listen to and dance, but also laugh at the topics. It should be a time for my fans to escape and enjoy themselves.

Can fans look forward to any live dates/a tour?

I did a comedy tour in 2018/2019, and those who came out to the tour got a sneak peak of the music. But I will have additional dates in 2020!

How have all of your different experiences informed your album?

I combined all those elements within my album. You see the comedic acting within the visual album, and you will also see some of your favorite YouTubers and people from social media in the videos. If you have watched my social media over the past year, you have seen my journey in the studio and you got a BTS look at some of the shoots. I enjoy juggling it all, because I enjoy doing new things every day and discovering new outlets for my comedy and creativity.

Anything else in the pipeline?

I just finished filming Greenland with Gerard Butler in Atlanta. I also recently filmed Coffee and Kareem with Taraji P. Henson and Ed Helms. I am on Sherman’s Showcase, a funny and crazy sketch comedy show, which you can watch now on IFC. I am also in Meet the Blacks 2, releasing this fall in theaters.

Medicine Track List:

1. "Canadians Are Nice"

2. "Compliments"

3. "Honesty"

4. "Secrets"

5. "Vegan"

6. "Internet Trolls"

7. "Bulimic"

8. "Blue Pantalones"

9. "Slangin D"

10. "You Are Not The Father"

11. "Say Daddy"

12. "House Party"

13. "HTH"

14. "I’m An Addict"

15. "Abstinence"