Freddie Gibbs is making his pitch to movie studios with his string of captivating Bandana visuals. Gangsta Gibbs returned Monday (July 22) to write the next chapter of the storyline with the cinematic "Giannis" video, sans appearances from Madlib and Anderson .Paak.

The clip begins with a black-and-white flashback to 2014, where Gibbs almost causes a drug deal to go sideways after disrespecting the opposing party, which angers his friend to the point they start to brawl. The Indiana native extracts revenge by ordering a hit to take out his friend.

Five years later, Gibbs meets up with the same dealer off the coast of Miami while riding Jet Skis. Another argument ensues, but cooler heads prevail when they agree to go their separate ways back on land. The second Gibbs turns his back, he's choked out with a belt and left to die sinking to the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Watch Freddie Gibbs flex his acting chops in the "Giannis" video below.