By Alex Hudson
Published Apr 27, 2018

Kanye West has certainly been on a rampage lately. Along with tweeting every thought that comes into his head, voicing his love for Trump and posing in a MAGA hat, the rapper hyped up a new song called “Lift Yourself.” Now, he has released it, and, well, it’s really something.

The song is streaming over at, which is empty except for an icon called “LIFT YOURSELF MASTER.” Click on it and you’ll hear the song, which begins in classic Kanye fashion with chopped up soul samples and thumping beats.

After a long intro, West begins rapping — if you can even call it rapping. He says things like “woop deedee poop scoop” and “scoop de woop” before the track abruptly ends. It’s not exactly the next “Runaway” to say the very least, and many online commenters have fairly speculated that Kanye is trolling everyone right now. Whatever the case, we hope this is not on his new album.

UPDATE (4/28, 12:32 a.m. EDT): Kanye West has released another song called “Ye Vs. The People,” featuring T.I. It premiered on Power 106 FM, and while it hasn’t been made officially available online just yet, some very lo-fi radio rips have been circulating.

Previously, Kanye tweeted that this song would contain “a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking.” (Ebro is the radio host who recently spread the word about Kanye’s love for Trump.) Ebro has since posted a number of Kanye-related messages on social media. See some of them below.


And all you had to say was ..”Scoop diddy Bloop” … ??‍♂️??‍♂️

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Scoop ditty skirt… woop dirty blop sitty blap

— OldMan Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 28, 2018


— OldMan Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 28, 2018

It’s all fun & games.


— OldMan Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 28, 2018

We already knew you was #TrollYeWest

— OldMan Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 28, 2018