“Many artists and people around the world get so much inspiration by black culture and music including me. We have a duty to respect every race.”

Some of the most influential K-pop and Korean artists are speaking out after the death of George Floyd for justice and showing their solidarity with the black community.

As America grapples with the outrage over another black person’s death at the hands of police — Floyd was suffocated by a Minneapolis police officer during an arrest — the issue has gained notice around the world including in the Korean-music industry, an industry heavily inspired and influenced by black music and culture. While the first responses to the tragedy came from Korean-American and hip-hop artists, the impact has grown to many different artists using their platforms and encouraging their fans to donate, act as allies and take action in the name of Black Lives Matter.

A number of K-pop acts have shared their feelings and hopes for justice on social media. See their posts and what causes they are supporting below.

Jay Park shared his anger over the situation of “countless innocent unarmed people losing their lives and nobody taking responsibility or being held accountable,” while talking about the impact of black culture and black people have had on him. The rapper also donated $10,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Sick of making post’s like this and sick of the same shit happening over and over again. Me being inspired by black culture aside me having black homies aside just as a man and a human being.. to think how helpless he felt and how inhumane he was treated… to think what if that was my dad, or uncle or homie makes me sick to my stomach. Countless INNOCENT UNARMED ppl losing their lives and nobody taking responsibility or being held accountable. Ppl who are supposed to protect and keep the public safe don’t even have the common sense or compassion to know if they are killing somebody innocent? Police Departments and Ppl in position of power not doing anything to provoke change.. all of it makes me sick… the whole system is corrupt… and nobody wants to admit it cause they are all afraid of taking responsibility for countless years of unjust inhumane treatment. Cant even begin fathom how fed up the black community is with so many years of abuse. I Pray to God the truth prevails and i Pray to God ppl who have compassion and empathy are put into a place of power and authority and ppl who abuse their power for their own greed and ego and to feel superior all disappear. Same for the civilians abusing their privilege calling the police and LYING. Act like some Fuckin human beings and may God have mercy on ur souls. #RIPGEORGEFLOYD

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Park’s H1GHR Music hip-hop label announced they would be holding off on new-music releases planned for June 2-4 as part of the music industry’s Black Out Tuesday. “H1GHR Music wishes for a world where all people are treated equally,” the label captioned in a photo that showed their roster posing with “Black Lives Matter” posters.

Legendary rapper Tiger JK quickly spoke out after the death of George Floyd, urging his followers to put pressure on Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey petitions and sharing updates on local Korean coverage.


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Eric Nam also quickly showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, referencing the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery as proof that “RACISM IS NOT DEAD.” The Atlanta native added, “George and Ahmaud are just two of the countless number of black men and women who have lost their lives senselessly.” He shared a Change.org petition demanding justice for Floyd.

Mark Tuan of boy band GOT7 told his 5.4 million Twitter followers to “stay strong, stay safe” and shared a link to resources for donate, get more information and make an impact. The singer-rapper donated $7,000 to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

CL showed support for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd on her Instagram Story, asking her 7.9 million followers to sign a Color of Change petition.

Jae of K-pop/rock group DAY6 shared a link to support Black Lives Matter causes alongside his $1,000 donation.

Amber Liu shared that she has “been long sick of Trump constantly promoting racism. We need to stand together because our brothers & sisters of the black community are dying just for existing & no justice is being served.” The singer-songwriter-producer and member of girl group f(x) shared links for ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, words from black leaders and encouraging her followers to read a Twitter thread about racial violence from Langston League founder Erica Buddington.

Red Velvet’s Yeri shared a post on her Instagram Story of the protests in America.

Crush wrote on Instagram that “many artists and people around the world get so much inspiration by black culture and music including me. We have a duty to respect every race.” The R&B singer-songwriter used the caption for an image that says “It is not enough to be quietly non-racist, now is the time to be vocally anti-racist.” Crush also donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Tiffany Young showed her support by sharing a petition from Color of Change and tips on how to be an ally to her 8.1 million Instagram followers her Instagram Story.

pH-1, who is a part of Jay Park’s H1GHR Music, said “I’m doing my best to help and support,” along with his $3,000 donation Black Lives Matter ActBlue and a link for others to help.

Solo singer and former 2NE1 member Minzy declared “All the colors are beautiful and precious,” showed her support to #BlackLivesMatter with a link for ways to help.

BM and Jiwoo of co-ed group KARD both showed their support for #BlackLivesMatter. “Black culture helped me find confidence and character,” BM wrote to his Instagram followers with a link to donate to Black Lives Matter. “I fell in love with hip-hop and R&B from a very young age and it has given me character and confidence.” Jiwoo shared a Korean-langauge post that explained what happened to George Floyd and a graphic by black print artist Danielle Coke.

Zelo, a rapper and former member of boy band B.A.P, shared his support in both English and Korean while calling for “Justice for George Floyd.”


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✊✊✊✊✊ Justice for George Floyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #ripgeorgefloyd #minneapolis #blacklivesmatter

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Rapper-singer DPR Live wrote a message to fans saying he “spent the whole day yesterday reading up, learning and educating myself on the recent events taking place” before adding, “this injustice that took place not only regarding George Floyd but countless other innocent black men and women needs to stop once and for all. Right now, the black community needs more support and more awareness, both locally and globally.”

Six members of girl group MOMOLAND showed solidarity with Minneapolis and #BlackLivesMatter with messages on their personal Instagram accounts. “I’ve always hated racism and will forever stand against it,” member Ahin wrote. “This news is very upsetting but I am so proud and grateful for everyone that have stood up for this. Special thanks to our Merries [MOMOLAND’s fandom name] for sharing this link.”

Solo star Samuel Kim shared photos from the protests in America as well as the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on Instagram.


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#blacklivesmatter ✊❤️

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Rising solo star AleXa shares that she and her team “condemn this injustice” and showed support for Black Lives Matter. “I stand in solidarity with my coworkers, friends and the entire community.”

Kevin Woo, a solo singer who is a former member of boy band U-KISS, shared multiple pieces of supportive content and ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement. He also posted the 2016 speech from Zianna Oliphant, the child who spoke out against Charlotte’s city leadership, on Instagram too.

R&B singer DEAN shared footage of a peaceful protest from the past weekend on his Instagram Story.

Rapper Jessi called for justice for George Floyd and encouraged allyship for #BlackLivesMatter with two posts on her Instagram. “Disgusting to see that racial injustice and police brutality is still happening in this world,” she wrote in one post. “There should be no tolerance for racism and murderers to roam free after killing a man.”

Producer Code Kunst, who’s worked with the likes of Jay Park, Lee Hi, Tablo and more, also shared that he looked to educate himself on the matter before speaking out. “I tried to learn about this couple days before since I wanted to talk about this sincerely,” he wrote on Instagram. “I made an album about the equality not long ago and this is making me feeling how I felt when I was on that album and it’s very sad to see this.”


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At first, I tried to learn about this couple days before since I wanted to talk about this sincerely rather than just act like I know this and care. With that being said, I would like to say all human beings are equal and precious. I made an album about the equality not long ago and this is making me feel how I felt when I was working on that album and it’s very sad to see this. At time like this, I thought we need to work together and try to voice up together to say all human beings are equal and try our best to make a better society without racism. – 제 삶에서 흑인음악을 비롯한 그들의 문화가 주는 영향은 거의 전부라고 해도 과언이 아닙니다. 그들을 진심으로 존경하고 사랑합니다. 작은 마음이지만 소중이 전달되길 소망합니다. – #ripgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter✊✊✊

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Rapper-singer Miso encouraged her followers to donate and read about the Black Lives Matter movement. ” I ask my followers to go to this link and sign the petitions, donate, do whatever you can,” she said with a link to ways to help. “Please read into Black lives matter now if you don’t know already.”

Singer-songwriter Holland tweeted his solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter.