The year 2018 has been great so far and today We have a new episode for My segment entitled “Just Kickin’ It”. In this segment, I’ll be talking with some today’s biggest athletes and entertainers to get some insight on their favorite sneakers, music, and more.


For episode 6 “Just Kickin’ It”, I caught up with Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball has had a great rookie season so far and he has handled the hype surrounding him very well.


On Monday February 26th as the Lakers prepared to face the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Area, I spoke with Lonzo on his new album ‘Born 2 Ball’, creating music, his rookie campaign and more.


Continuing to make a name in the sports/sneaker culture with his Big Baller Brand, I also spoke with Lonzo Ball on his upcoming new signature BBB sneakers, playing with Kyle Kuzma and Isaiah Thomas, his current Top 5 rappers and more.


Episode 6 “Just Kickin It” was conducted and produced by Terrell Thomas. Episode 5 ”Just Kickin’ It” was shot and edited by Danny Digital.


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