On the heels his uptempo “Stranger Things” collaboration with Chris Brown, Joyner Lucas returned Monday (March 4), taking aim at his detractors on the brash “Look Alive (Remix).”

The Drake-assisted BlocBoy JB hit currently sits on No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Putting his own spin on some the hottest records in hip-hop is nothing new for the Atlantic Records artist, with remixes songs from Kendrick Lamar, Future, Lil Pump and more.

Many believe Lucas is continuing his long-standing beef with Logic on the “Look Alive (Remix),” on which he rhymes, “44 shots traumatize in front 45 hit 44 more/ Carbon copies say you kamikazes/ That's for everybody,” in reference to the Everybody artist's latest single, “44 More.”

Joyner continues to exude lyrical excellence throughout the Tay Keith-produced track's extended trio  verses: “This a lucid dream, this a out–body/ UFO flying while I'm riding shotty/ I'm a ninja, pull up on a Kawasaki/ 187 on the cops behind me/ This is Hiroshima, this is Nagasaki/ I'm Mahatma Gandhi in a Maserati,” the Eminem-inspired artist raps.

The Massachusetts native previously told Billboard he uses his rap compatriot's beats to keep his mind sharp, “It keeps me on my toes. It's like a lyrical exercise,” he said. “My goal when going over these beats is to do the opposite what the song had done already. Showing this is what I would've done if this was my beat. Everybody has their own style. I'm not shooting anyone down.”

Give the “Look Alive (Remix)” a listen for yourself below.