After kicking f the season 2 premiere with Tay-K and Curtis Mayfield, the creators Atlanta kept their eccentric blend music going in this week’s episode.

Rightfully titled “Sporting Waves,” the music hit all sectors while characters take a few blows to their pride. There’s the commendable ode to the late Bankroll Fresh with the opener, “All There.” Seen on Jeezy’s Trap or Die 3 project, we get a gentle suggestion to check out Fresh’s discography courtesy Paper Boi’s (Brian Tyree Henry) awkward promo script written by fake Apple Music heads.

Music industry tropes continue to be put on front street in the form pop rapper Clark County (RJ Walker). The Yoo-Hoo spokesman channels his inner Bobby Shmurda and Desiigner by dancing on tables in front the clearly disconnected industry heads.

Towards the end the episode, we’re welcomed to the smooth grooves Flying Lotus by way “Coronus, The Terminator” and reminded about the annoyance that is acoustic rap covers sang by white girls.

Check out the additions to our ongoing Atlanta playlist below.

This article originally appeared in Vibe.