Once we’ve gotten all of the stressful holiday shopping and gifting out of the way, our focus turns to what we’re gonna be eating, and most importantly, drinking!

Tis’ the season to spend time with loved ones and relax at home with a glass of whatever tickles your fancy. Our editor’s go-to for the holiday season is anything delicious that doesn’t require a ton of effort. We love our cocktails, so our go-to liquor has to be something that can be jazzed up or enjoyed on its own and preferably doesn’t have too many calories (we like to save our calories for endless amounts of pie). Does such a liquor exist?

We didn’t think so either until we recently discovered 21Seeds.
21Seeds is redefining the way you think about tequila with their line of all-natural, real fruit-infused blanco tequilas that are generating quite the buzz. Why you ask? Because everything about this brand is feel-good, authentic, and best of all, designed to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Think tequila is only for margs in the summer? Think again! 21Seeds is better for you with no sacrifice on taste. Infused with all-natural real fruit, it’s delicious, non-GMO, and gluten-free. It’s the perfect tequila to drink on its own or personalize with your favorite garnish.

Here are 4 reasons why this game-changing tequila is our go-to drink for the holidays and beyond

3 Delicious Flavors

21Seeds comes in 3 delicious flavors that are designed to be enjoyed on their own, or combined with your favorite mixer and garnish. Valencia Orange, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Cucumber Jalapeno are infused with real, fresh fruit and only contain all-natural ingredients.

While all three flavors offer something a little different, they all have one thing in common- smoothness! The flavors are refreshing, subtle, and have just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for a quiet evening at home or when you’re hanging out with girlfriends.

Easy Holiday Cocktail

What we love about 21Seeds is that it doesn’t need anything added to make it delicious. Unlike regular blanco tequila that requires a ton of syrup or sugary liqueurs to become easier to drink, 21Seeds can be enjoyed by itself, or in the easiest cocktail you’ll ever make- simply add some ice and soda water, or just a slice of lemon or lime and you’ve got yourself a low-calorie cocktail that tastes
so good.

All Natural, Gluten & GMO-Free

We didn’t think there was such a thing as guilt-free booze until we tried
21Seeds! This all-natural tequila is keto-friendly, gluten-free and non-GMO, and since it’s already flavored with fresh, ripe fruit, it requires nothing to make it taste good, meaning you can skip all of the caloric add-ons and just enjoy a tasty, lower-calorie drink. Now we don’t feel as guilty when we reach for the second (and third!).

Female Owned

We were immediately drawn to how 21Seeds came about. One of its founders, Kat, was told by her doctor that she had to cut her daily glass of wine from her diet. Turns out, as we get older, our bodies have a harder time digesting products that have been fermented (that was news to us!), so Kat’s doctor recommended drinking something distilled, like tequila.

Like a lot of people, Kat only ever drank tequila in sugary cocktails or the occasional shot. In an effort to actually enjoy her evening cocktail, she began infusing her tequila with fresh fruit. The result was a delicious, subtle, and most importantly, easy drink that Kat and her friends all enjoyed.

Realizing that nothing else quite like this existed, Kat, her sister Nicole and BFF Sakira traveled to Mexico where they found a partner distillery owned and predominantly staffed by women, and the rest is history.

The best brands in the world are born of two things- necessity and passion, and
21Seeds has nailed it with their delicious trio of easy-to-drink tequilas. Available online and in stores across the US, this easy-to-drink tequila is our new must-have drink for the season.

These days, there are so many alcohol brands creating overly complicated products that don’t deliver on the one thing people are looking for- flavor. 21Seeds cuts through the clutter with their subtle, yet delicious, line of infusions.

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