A slew K-Pop groups have had huge crossover success in the United States, especially with K-Pop's latest crop heartthrobs and Billboard cover stars BTS. Now, Japanese hip-hop collective PKCZ®  is ready to make their international debut with the release their new single and video for “Bow Down” and enlisted hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg to make their international crossover as power-packing as possible. 

The group's first single layers elements from hip-hop and electronic music as the thumping bass and rhythmic drum pattern make for a bouncy club-ready track. The video sees Snoop embracing the Japanese culture as the Long Beach rapper sports traditional Japanese clothing and enters his own martial arts match. On “Bow Down,” Snoop delivers simple lines reminding listeners to respect his legacy.

“Put these suckas on they knees, I'm a boss from the beach/ Off the leash, I'm a beast, worldwide in these streets/ Bow down in the presence the D-O-double-G,” Snoop raps. Next, CRAZYBOY  J-pop collective J Soul Brothers III enters and injects his distinct, silky flows into the production. 

“Growing up in Tokyo, Snoop was an artist that transcended beyond music. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the evolution his 'brand' has strongly influenced me as an artist throughout the years,” Verbal PKCZ tells Billboard. Having Snoop on our first international release is absolutely our childhood dream come true!”

PKCZ is made up Verbal and Japanese supergroup Exile Tribe members Makidai and DJ Daruma. “PKCZ is a creative think-tank, bringing together all our resources and experiences with music, fashion, live production etc as we come from different walks life,” Verbal adds. “'Bow Down' celebrates our synergy as a crew that elevates one another.”

Watch “Bow Down” below.