This week has been a turbulent one for Kanye West. On Tuesday, the polarizing MC was slammed for his “slavery was a choice” comment during his interview on TMZ. The latest star to chastise West for the ill-advised statement is Dirty Computer artist Janelle Monáe. 

During a radio interview with LA's Power 106, Monáe voiced her disappointment in Kanye and shared her thoughts on the muddy situation. “I come from love. I try not to listen to things to just respond or clap back but really listen to understand,” she began. “I think we just have to be patient with each other. I don't agree with Kanye's comments], and I've been very vocal about that.”

She continued: “I'm a free thinker and here's a free thought: I think that if free thinking is rooted in the oppression minorities, LBGTQ, immigrants and women, then I don't fuck with your free thoughts. I just think there has to be some balance. I mean, slave masters also thought freely, and where did we get with that?”

Despite receiving a slew haymakers from some his colleagues in the music world, Kanye has managed to find some support. On Thursday, The Game spoke to Billboard and stood by his friend amid Ye's slavery comments. “Notice that a week ago the world was silent about Kanye. Now the entire world is in uproar over things he has said or done for the world to see,” The Game told Billboard  email. “Don’t think for a minute that his actions and plan weren’t well thought out and set up for his goal to reach his maximum potential. Kanye will always be a friend mine & although I might not necessarily agree with his views on certain topics, that is what separate us as individuals.”

Watch Monae's thoughts on 'Ye below.

Janelle Monae speaks on Kanye West's thoughts.

“If free thinking is rooted in the oppression minorities, LBGTQ, immigrants and women… then I don't f*ck with your free thoughts. Slave masters also thought freely and where did we get with that.” – @JanelleMonae

— Power 106 (@Power106LA) May 3, 2018