On Tuesday (Aug. 14), Colin Kaepernick reflected on the third anniversary of when he first kneeled during an NFL game.

"Today marks the three year anniversary of the first time I protested systemic oppression," the embattled quarterback tweeted. "I continue to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation, despite those who are trying to erase the movement! The movement has always lived with the people!"

Artists like J. Cole continue to rally behind Kaep. Cole requested that the NFL "let the man work," while YBN Cordae dubbed the 31-year-old a "legend."

Meanwhile, after agreeing to partner with the NFL earlier this week as their "live music entertainment strategist," on Wednesday (Aug. 14), Jay-Z fielded questions regarding Kaepernick's unemployment status and why he chose to pursue his new position in light of the quarterback's fight against the league. 

"We forget that Colin's whole thing was to bring attention to social injustice," Jay-Z said during his press conference with NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. "In that case, this is a success. This is the next thing, because there are two parts to the protest — you go out and protest, and the company and individual says, 'I hear you. What do we do next?'"

"So for me it was like, action, actionable item, what are we going to do with it?" he continued. "Everyone heard and we hear what you’re saying, and everybody knows I agree with what you’re saying…and all we get stuck on [is] Colin not having a job.”

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