It's beginning to look a lot like… a black metal Christmas. The Sock Puppet Parody folks are back again this year with another dose of bizarre holiday cheer courtesy of a very dark take on "Frosty the Snowman." With music supplied by Rivethead, "Immortal Christmas VI" takes the beloved story of everyone's favorite snow person and turns it into a bleak tale of wintry revenge.

The plot, as it were, hinges on a snowman building contest during which Santa is super bored with all the basic entries this year. After being mocked by the other contestants for their gothy look, Immortal Christmas are determined to ace the competition by any face melting means necessary. That leads to scary frontman Frostbite the Snowman telling his story in a black metal howl. 

"Frostbite the snowman, was forged from a hailstone/ With an icicle knife, in the blizzard snow/ And his face painted with coal," he growls over double kick drums and brutal guitar. "Frostbite the snowman, was mocked by a peasant/ It was a call to war, to settle the score/ That began his dark crusade." What follows involves a possible conjuring, a yowl that sets off an avalanche and a surprise from Santa.

Watch the video below.