Indie artist has just released his latest single, “Cool As Me.” The alternative indie-pop artist’s mystery continues being fueled with this gorgeous single, a track filled with nostalgic and poetic elements, and yet home to the grooviest and most uplifting beat. 

The tempo is fast-paced, but well-contrasted with a mellow feel throughout, and after hearing it a couple of times, we can clearly say that “Cool As Me” is one of the best indie singles released in 2020 so far. has been restlessly working towards fulfilling his insatiable hunger for creating astonishingly good music, with his vocals being the highlight of “Cool As Me.”  

His talent to compose and translate to sound his deepest intuitions allows him the freedom to master all phases of the creative process, while we foresee a major success for “Cool As Me” and its creator this year, and the ones to come.