Montreal, Canada native singer-songwriter Charmian Devi has just launched two brand new singles called, ‘No Peace’ and ‘Radio Of None.’ Each one embodies a unique sound yet complies with contemporary alternative rock tones. 

Charmian Devi produced and recorded the tracks in New York City and believed it was timely to dedicate the songs to the interesting and unique days we are living through today. 

The indie and soulful vibes of the songs are crafted to perfection by including an encouraging and motivational message. The soothing strings and velveting tones are perfect to listen to while going through a hardship in life right now or even after the pandemic crisis is over.

Charmian Devi, a thought provoking singer, has produced a flawless version of her craft and wants to do her part to help people who are struggling in life. Checkout her inspiring music below.