Cenobites member Godfather Don has teamed up with French producer Parental for a new album titled Osmosis. The project is the engimatic rapper’s first official LP in over two decades.

After dropping Diabolique in 1998, the Kool Keith collaborator is back with a 16-track release. His latest work includes eight original songs, instrumental versions of the Parental-produced tracks and a bonus beat made by Don.

Check out Don and Parental’s Osmosis stream, cover art and tracklist below. Purchase the album here.

Godfather Don Returns With 'Osmosis' Album Produced By Parental

1. Osmosis
2. Takin’ It Back
3. Do What I Do
4. Gnosis
5. Crystal Clear
6. Watchin’ You
7. Occulta
8. Waters (Science Mix) f. Pete Flux
9. Osmosis (Instrumental)
10. Takin’ It Back (Instrumental)
11. Do What I Do (Instrumental)
12. Gnosis (Instrumental)
13. Crystal Clear (Instrumental)
14. Watchin’ You (Instrumental)
15. Waters (Science Mix) (Instrumental)
16. Mission (Bonus Beat)